New Sponge Ball by TCC (Sponge balls only)

AED 14.29
The New TCC Sponge Ball hopes to achieve flawless handling at an affordable price.

The foundation of a quality sponge ball lies in the choice of sponge material. Through thorough research, communication with different factories, multiple rounds of sampling, and even changing factories, we have found the ideal combination of resilience and softness.

For the first launch of TCC New Sponge Ball, we have chosen the traditional color that magicians prefer: RED.

  • Great flexibility: Easily execute various sleight of hand techniques.
  • Exceptional resilience: Bounce back quickly after squeezing, maintains its shape, and resists deformation.
  • High density: Provides enhanced grip for a visually captivating performance.
  • Set of 4 sponge balls.
  • Color: Red (more colors coming soon!)
  • Diameter: 5.0 cm (~2 inches) (hand-measured with slight variance)
Wicky has created a routine for New Sponge Ball, and the tutorial for the routine shown in the trailer is also available separately.

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