Cherry Casino Reno Red Impossible Bottle

AED 400
Impossible Bottle of Cherry Casino Reno Red Playing Cards with cellophane

A deck of Cherry Casino Reno Red Playing Cards with cellophane/factory seal is impossibly inside a glass bottle. The bottle has not been tampered with, not altered in any way, and its mouth's diameter is impossibly smaller than the deck inside.

The deck is still in its cellophane plastic wrap.

The glass has not been cut, melted, formed around the cards, or altered in any way! Guaranteed!

The sealed deck of cards has actually been inserted through the neck of the bottle!

Bottled by Stanley Yashayev and comes with a custom cork with my logo burnt on the top.

Customer Reviews

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Looks Great

The Quality Looks Great. Its a nice Thing to Dress Up the room a Bit more. Especially because its a good looking Designed Deck.
I Just find the pricing quite high. But therefore the Quality is worth it.

I Like it.

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