The House of the Rising Spade - Cartomanser V2

AED 131.43

The House of the Rising Spade Series by Stockholm17 has enjoyed universal success and fame and received United Cardists' deck of the year award for 2018 & 52+Joker Diamond Award as Deck of the Year in 2019.

With increasing demand for these elegant and timeless masterpieces, we are proud to be the exclusive retailers for the Second Edition of the House of the Rising Spade - Cartomancer Variant - V2

While the Cartomancer - V2 may look the same as its predecessors, there are some changes that have been made to the cards and the tuck box to distinguish them from each other.

As with the original House of the Rising Spade Series the Cartomancer - V2 is a high quality luxurious deck of cards.

Each card features and elegant gold foil application on both sides and has the trade mark custom illustrated court cards of the original House of the Rising Spade Series.

One of the distinguishing features of the Cartomancer - V2 is that the extra card is a joker which is the same card as "The Fool" in the Keymaster Tarot Series.

The differences:


  • size, slightly thinner
  • paper stock
  • MMXX instead of MMXVIII on the front
  • bottom flap design
  • top flap design
  • inner graphics


  • new paper stock: B9 true linen slimline
  • Ace of Spades: date in roman numerals and some small details in the illustration
  • 55th card: 3rd Joker

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