Brown Bear Mystery Deck - Spring Cardistry Edition 2022

AED 40

New Mystery Decks are HERE!

After growing a sizeable collection of great Playing cards, we have decided to do something FUN! Now we have released a batch of 25 Brown Bear Mystery Decks and this time we are doing a CARDISTRY EDITION!

What is it?

It is a Mystery! You would receive a sealed envelope with a premium deck, but the catch is, not even we know which one exactly :-P

We have put together a great selection of popular cards along with others which may have flown under the radar for some.

What is in it for you?

The decks will be 40 AED each and for the decks you can receive, this is an average discount of 25+% with the chance to get some killer deals on cards like Orbits, Virts and even a Lotus in Hand Deck!

You can be sure that regardless what you receive it will not be worth below the 40 AED spent as the min discount is around 16% and even then its an awesome deck of cards!

If you love Cardistry and love to bring some Mystery in your life, then these are for you!


*there is no use asking for specific decks as they are already sealed and mixed so we have no idea which is which :-P


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