HACKER by Les French Twins x Jeet

AED 769


HACKER is an electronic device that creates 100 wifi networks per second and blasts them to everyone around you.

You can instantly rename all the wifi networks to ANYTHING you want.

  • Their card
  • Their thought of word
  • Their chosen celebrity
  •  Anything.

With a secret input method that looks like your passcode screen, HACKER is set in 1 second flat. 

The magic happens on their phone & every single phone around you - with no setup.

You never touch their phone.

That makes the revelation so much stronger. A trick using your phone could be seen as a technology trick. But something on their phone, that you never touched… it’s magic.

And when you’re not performing you can even use HACKER as a way to promote your Instagram business page on trains, in bars, at coffee shops & even at your close-up shows.

HACKER works on both Android and iPhone.



Is it an app?
HACKER is a device that connects to any Android or iPhone and is controlled via a web app. So you don't need to download anything or pay for anything separately. 

How small is the device?
It's 2.25 inches tall x 2 inches wide x 0.6 inches deep.

That's 5.7cm tall, 5.1cm wide & 1.5cm deep. Small enough to be easily hidden in your pocket, backpack or in a card box. 

How can I use it?
This thing has no restraints. You can use it for any revelation. It could be words, playing cards, celebrities, locations... Anything. We will show you a few easy revelations but you can do whatever you want with HACKER.

Does it work on Android & iPhone?
Yes. Hacker works on both operating systems. Android & iPhone. 

How far does HACKER broadcast? 
It has a safe 10-meter or 33-foot range. Huge! It doesn't need to be in your pocket. It could be on your bookshelf, coffee table, or stage left. 

Do you need internet/data? I do gigs in some places with no service. 
HACKER has a web-app interface. But requires no Internet. When you're connected to HACKER, you're connected directly to the device. So you don't need the internet to make it work. 

What is the battery life?
As we're in production, we can't give you an exact time - but our approved samples last up to 6 hours with continuous use. Turning it on and off will extend your battery life. 

How does it connect?
You just have to turn it on and it vibrates to let you know it's on and connected. 

How do I know if my reveal has worked?
When you input using your phone (the fake passcode screen for example). You see a tick/check mark to let you know your revelation is broadcasting. It happens in approximately 1 second. 

How many input methods are there?
There are currently 3 input methods.

  • A 'free text' box that you can type into.
  • The fake passcode screen for fast, burnable inputs.
  • A quick-list input for common revelations like playing cards, celebrities, countries etc. 

How easy is it to do?
Very easy. You input on your phone as you unlock it and 'direct' them to go to their settings and wifi on their phone. It happens right under their nose. 

Can I use HACKER to promote my business?
Yes. Rename all the wifi networks to your website url, Instagram handle or business name. When you're not using it for magic, HACKER could be working to promote you. 

How fast is it?
HACKER creates 100 networks per second. By the time you've added your input, it's already broadcasting.

NOTE: The HACKER device does not actually hack all the wifi around you. That is the presentation of the magician/mentalist - and not a device for black or white hat hackers. It's a wifi broadcasting device. 

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