We are getting close to the finish line!

Hello there!

We are very long overdue for an update! 

Over the last month, we were hoping to document the process of run up towards the opening, however at first it was a collection of various wires and pipes in every possible configuration, followed by holes in the floor, followed by more pipes in even more configurations so not too much fun to say the least :D

Now however we are sprinting towards opening at full steam, and I'm delighted to share some updates with you!

1. We have finished the boring bits of electricity and plumbing and have commenced the painting and decoration of the space!

Base coat is done and we will start texturing the brick this weekend already to get it ready for the furniture to come in next week! Really hopeful that we will be able to make the opening from October 1st as planned.

2. Speaking of the furniture, our custom card shelf and chairs have been completed and are on a boat headed to Dubai as we write this due to arrive on September 15th!

Once everything is put together it will look absolutely stunning!

3.  The coffee counter is in with the marble top to arrive this Saturday! The Espresso Machine has been booked for next week and the team is already certified to make some amazing coffee! We are currently working on a very nice menu of refreshing drinks, organic teas and some of the finest specialty coffee available in the UAE, powered by RAW Coffee.

The news will be coming more regularly now on our IG so make sure you follow us on:


We will keep you posted on the opening and the latest news, but the good news is that it won't be long now! :D

Wishing you a great wrap up of the week and a magical weekend to follow!


Brown Bear Magic Team 



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