The walls are painted and the furniture is rushing in!

Hello everyone!

          WOW what a week... We have been busy at work setting up the space and painting the walls and I'm delighted to confirm that we are done! 😄

          We wanted to convert the bland white brick into a classic look of a vintage loft and the only way to get that done was to get 6 different colors of brick and staining and to go to town ourselves on it, but the results really exceeded our own expectations!

          I am thrilled to share with you a sneak peek at what we were able to make:

          Now the fun part, our Operations Manager / Designer Anna will be repainting some furniture pieces that we found in different corners of the UAE to make them fit in a bit more 😅
          Oh and the best part - we finally got our counter installed and on Thursday, a beautiful espresso machine will be perched atop it with the other equipment to be placed on Friday!
         If all goes well, this weekend we will be there brewing away some test coffee shots to make sure that our coffee game is on point!
We can't wait to share the space with everyone and hope to open our doors as soon as we are ready with the formalities! We will change the opening on Google Maps for now to Oct 1st, but lets see, hopefully we can soft open sooner than that if all goes well. 

Want to help out?

         From the beginning all we wanted to do was to serve the magic community and to be honest the physical shop was less of a commercial endeavor, and more of a passion project to answer everyone who wanted to physically see our goods and to give a home to anyone interested in our beautiful art form. 
         Unfortunately once a physical location is involved, everything gets all too serious and reality hits like a ton of bricks 😅
         Luckily we anticipated possible surprises in construction and licensing but the unfortunate part was that all of the possible surprises and challenges that were considered, actually came to pass..
Because of this, for the first time we would like to say that we could really use your support.
         So if you like what we do and believe in this project, we would like to share what you can do to help out:
  • Share our IG profile and news about the Cafe in your socials - regardless of the following, it is a very big help for us to get the word out.
  • If you have any magician friends, just let them know that there is a store in the UAE ready to serve their magic needs.
  • If you want to pick up something that is not in our shop, send us a message in the chat or on whatsapp! Chances are, we can get it in for you nice and quick OR we might not have stocked it for a reason, will be happy to advise and support on that front.
  • Pop by the shop once we open up! We are doing this for the community and we are tired of chatting with all of you from behind the screen. Come by hang out so we can share our magic with you! 😄

Stay tuned as we finalize the team and opening details and have a magical week ahead!


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