Some big things are coming!

Hello there!

Mr Brown here! 

We have received quite a few queries after our survey about what it was for and what exactly we were up to, so we wanted to go ahead and update everyone on what exactly that was! 

Over the last 2 years the #1 question we receive daily hands down is: "Where are you? Can I come and have a look at all the goods?". 

While we are on the internet is a valid answer, we really wanted to bring a physical location to life. Having looked at the Dubai market in terms of licenses and rent prices, it quickly became apparent that this is really a crazy idea and we decided to park till a better day. 

Well recently we came across a very special space and a very interested landlord and we decided that we will give it a shot after all!

Now, given that the market is quite small for magic and playing cards in Dubai, we decided to diversify the shop and open it as a cafe where people will be able to come, hang out, work, see our stock and hopefully learn something new! 

The project is still up in the air and we have a LOT to accomplish but we thought it would be fun to keep you involved and updated on our progress regardless of whether we succeed or crash and burn spectacularly 😀

At the moment we are in talks with The Village Mall in Dubai about the space and if all goes well, we hope to start building it up this month already and you can be sure that we will keep you updated moving forward as the process has begun and there is no going back!

You will see some updates like the new fresh logo which we have created for the project which will carry over to our store as well. We will also hopefully be finalizing in the coming days a new points system which will replace the gift system as we align our online and offline stores. Additionally we are looking for more delivery options to reduce delivery and shipping costs and will be updating about that too!

What can you do to help?

Well for now, all we can ask for, is just to keep being awesome! We really appreciate your support over the last 2 years and you can be sure that every dirham of every order you make is going towards this project and towards the expansion of the shop! 

All we can ask is that you let us be of service to you whenever you need anything in terms of Magic and Playing Cards and that you share our site or Instagram page with all your friends who might be interested in the same!

If you every have any questions, as always do reach out to us on the chat, whatsapp or in the comments below. This is a passion project to create an embassy for Magicians in Dubai and we hope to have you along with us for the ride 😀


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