We will be closing 😔  

Hello everyone!

Hope you are keeping well!

Pardon the clickbait! We wont be closing for good but just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of some upcoming changes 😄

As we are approaching the summer, it is the perfect time to reflect on the past season and to see what we can do in the future. Having done so, we have gathered a critical mass of thoughts and ideas and given that we really appreciate each and everyone who supported our small family business, we thought it would be fair to share this news with you.

Firstly the shop is doing very well! We managed to delve into new products like puzzles and curiosities and have been delighted to serve those interested in these things! There are more and more magicians in the UAE now and we have been growing our base like never before! For this we are really grateful.

On the other hand we also realized that the café side of the business is regretfully not a good addition to our magic shop. As much as we personally loved offering visitors quality drinks to have as they relax at the shop, the red tape that comes with having a food and beverage point at a retail location is really big strain in terms of time. money and physical labor. 

If we are going to continue the same way with the kind of growth which we want to maintain, we would need to increase the rates of the shop by at least 20% and we would really not want to go into that direction.

With that we have made the tough decision to move the shop into an Office Space and to leave the Café behind. This was really a tough choice given how much love and effort it took to fit out the current location and it seems like we opened it only yesterday but regretfully it needs to be done.

What will happen?

Don't worry we are not closing :) 

Instead what will happen is in June-July we will shift to another location (don't know where yet) and set up a cozy space with a showroom concept. So there will be a front room which will look very similar to the café where magicians can still come and hang out or study but it will give us the flexibility of putting out more magic stuff out on display and to focus on what we do best, inspiring people with new magic and helping them achieve their best selves artistically. 

Our initial idea of bringing magic into a more open setting had merit but unfortunately I think it was a bit too early. The shop could have only stood it's own with a café working properly next to it. After a full season the shop has grown to the point where it CAN hold it's own and support a café which is NOT working properly :D

So to keep rocking we need to optimize, cut what is not working so what is working may flourish further. 

What does this mean for you?

Well starting tomorrow May 15th we will not be stocking anymore food at the Café and will just keep the drinks till we move out.

We will be open normally till we move at which point we will update everyone with the new timings of the showroom and the location of course. 

On the bright end, you can expect new magic consistently, a better customer experience on the site and with some of the products as we will work at improving the photography and demos of products.

We will also continue to grow the variety of goods. You may have seen Movie Props appear in our new arrivals which we stocked for folks developing their social media and we plan to get more puzzles and curiosities in the future.

The extra time should allow us to resurrect our leatherworks, to create merch and awesome magic T-Shirts and Posters, sty to arrange a rental service of stage illusions and tons of other stuff we have in mind.

We are very excited about this next step although a bit surprised that it came so soon but now we have a full belief in what needs to be done in order to serve our core fans best in a sustainable way :)

Hit us up in the chat or on whats app if you have any questions, as always will be delighted to assist you!

In the meantime wish you all an great evening and again thank you for all your support. You are awesome!


Dmitry & Anna 


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